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» Jessica Estorgio «

“ Jessica Estorgio was once a daughter of a simple farmer who wanted to escape from poverty. Until she knew about International Marketing Group. Through their dedication and hard work, Jessica is now one of the CEO Marketing Directors of IMG. Be inspired how Jessica Estorgio started her journey toward success. ”

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» Matin Leano «

“ Watch how Matin LeaƱo turned her back against poverty.
Be motivated how International Marketing Group have guided her towards Financial Literacy. ”

» Fely Santiago «

“ Watch how a big-time spender transforms into a responsible saver. ”

» Dr. Jaime Lorenzo jr. «

“ Watch how Dr. Jaime Lorenzeo Jr. found his true passion in International Marketing Group. ”

» Ojing Osana «

“ Love and Mistakes: Hear IMG turning point story of Ojing Osana having the courage to stand up amidst the unfavorable circumstances brought by life. ”

» Ginalyn Labrado «

“ A testament of Hard work. Take a sneak peek on how this powerful couple defeated their debts. Witness how International Marketing Group introduced Mr. and Mrs. Labrado to Financial Literacy. ”

» Shirley San Miguel «

“ What will you do if your debts are too high and yet your income is too low?

Learn how Mrs. Shirley San Miguel survived one of her greatest struggle in life. Be inspired how The International Marketing Group guided her towards success. ”

» Jess Faller Jr «

“ Be inspired by how Jess Faller Jr. achieved his goals through International Marketing Group. Watch how he put his life back into the track of success. ”

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